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         The 45th China International Furniture EXPO 


         Shenzhen Huajin Leather Co.,Ltd joined the 45th China International Furniture EXPO on July 27th-30th,2020.,We are maintain high enthusiasm during the epidemic!! 


        In this tough siuation of this year,We would like to keep our professional product knowledge and nice service to customer in the fair. 

        During the time ,we are launching new items,meeting potential buyers,expending distribution

        channels,learning more market information.


        Hope everything is getting better for epidemic,so we could meet more foreign customer friends next time.




        2019.3.6-9 Vietnam Int'l Furniture & Home Accessories Fair



        2019 Guangzhou exhibiton from 28th Marth to 31th March

        From March 28 to March 31, 2019, our company participated in the four-day Guangzhou International Furniture Materials Exhibition. The purpose of participating in this exhibition will be to create business opportunities for expanding distribution channels, meeting potential buyers, mastering industry information, and exploring domestic and international markets. We have gained a lot of customers and orders at this exhibition.


        Huajin leather company provide two new items.

        EPU (Solvent free) synthetic leather for sofa furniture and decoration. It is excellent abrasion and scratch resistance, super durability with 5-20years service life, ECO- friendly etc .


        Technologies synthetic leather for sofa furniture. It is outstanding waterproof and breathability, Martindale test over 100,000 cycles etc.